Human Rights for Iran, Now!

Human Rights for Iran, Now! I know I said I don’t wan’t any breaks in the series but some matters are of importance.Just as Haiti needs some aid to recover from the devastating earthquakes that hit them this January the Iranian people have long been suffering from the abuses of their own government.

February 11th is Victory of the Revolution Day in Iran. Equivalent to the Fourth of July in the United States, it is a day commemorating liberty, independence and freedom. But the Iranian government has long violated these rights and is responsible for numerous abuses including torture, arbitrary arrests, censorship and the most recent execution of two activists accused of inciting the post-election protests on June 12th – even though these men had been held in detention long before the violence erupted.

February 11 is supposed to be a day of freedom for these people. But, unfortunately, this is not what is happening in their place. The Victory of the Revolution Day should be a day of freedom for Iran.
Read more about Iran’s Human Rights Issues:

This blog is calling for the people who are in power to help the Iranians receive the freedom and rights they deserve!


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