Jolicloud: Netbook OS for the Always-On Generation

“You have been Joliclouded!”

That is what your mail will tell you when you receive your invitation code to test Jolicloud.

Jolicloud is a new operating system optimized for netbooks tagged as “a cool new OS for netbooks.” It is still on alpha, called “robby release”, so download is avaible after getting the code.

But don’t let the “alpha” make you not want it. For an alpha build, Jolicloud knows how to deliver.

The idea of Jolicloud revolves around building a laptop that woud run an Internet operating system that utilizes web alternatives of existing costly software.

Jolicloud has a long list of supported hardware and the list grows as more and more netbooks are tested by the community.

What makes Jolicloud different from most open source OS is that besides its being optimized for netbooks, it is made for the “always online” generation – the ones who don’t seem to shut down as they can always be found online. Jolicloud gives you a gorgeous interface and a set of social features for a more fun experience.

When you boot your Jolicloud netbook, you might say that it is the Netbook remix but it just looks like one. In fact, it is way different.

The “Get Started” icon is the most interesting part of the whole system. This takes you to your Jolicloud homebase. The homebase is divided into four sections: the Dashboard, Applications, Settings, and Lab.

The dashboard is your Jolicloud social networking platform. This is where you can find updates from Jolicloud, both for the apps and the system, and from people you follow. Updating only takes one click on the update button.

Now the Applications tab is the most valuable tab in your homebase. This is the part that makes Jolicloud easy to use. The applications directory gives you a list of all the apps you might need for your netbook – and more. It gives you the “one-click install” feature that Jolicloud is proud to give you.

You just have to click on the “Install” button, authenticate, and the system will start downloading and installing the app for you. If you get tired of the app, the “Remove” button will be there for you. The app directory is also constanly being updating so you are to expect more things.

The Settings tab is also indispensable. It shows you your profile and and other information about your system. If you have another netbook and you want to install Jolicloud on it, too, the system will be there for you to sync both netbooks. Your different subscriptions can also be found here.

The Lab tab is mostly grayed-out.

That is just some of the awesome things that Jolicloud can give you. Right now, it is the OS that can give you all you need and a lot more.

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