Noynoy Declares Candidacy

First, the title might seem like it but I’m not here to campaign for Sen. Aquino.

Second, don’t blame me if this blog entry gets some votes for him.

And third, yes, I am a voter. But the thing is I am following this 2010 election and this seems like big news to both voters and politicians so I’ll have to include this.

This one was actually breaking news at GMA7’s Unang Hirit when I opened our TV this morning. I was able to forget the title of the news but it was Sen. Aquino answering questions from the audience about his candidacy at Club Filipino, San Juan.

If I’m right about the date, GMA7 organized the Tatakbo Ka Ba? Election 2010 fun run the Sunday before last, August 30, 2009. A part of this event was a Unity Walk for the politicians as a campaign for fair elections. Sen. Aquino didn’t join this event because he said that he was not yet certain on what position to run for in the 2010 elections.

I wasn’t able to see and hear everything ha had said as I woke up a wee bit too late but I did see a few interesting stuff – some interesting answers to questions and stuff like that.

Corruption is a major issue in the Philippines and their was this one person from Sen. Aquino’s audience who was able to ask how the senator plans to solve that problem in case he will be elected as president. Sen. Aquino answered with leading by example.

When asked how he is gonna fund his campaign, his answer was something like, “If we do the traditional political stuff, gather some allies, some politicians and put together our funds, that’ll be too late already as our opponents have already done that long ago. I believe it’ll be the support of the people which will drive this campaign.” No, those weren’t his exact words and he was speaking in Filipino but the thought it there and it comes close as a translation.

At the end of the Q&A for Sen. Aquino, a supporter announced a “Piso Para kay Noynoy” program to support his campaign. The senator joked about it with, “We’ll just have to list down all the names as we’ll have to report this to the ComElec.”

This is where my thoughts come in…

On top of all that, the most curios part would be the yellow, the “Laban sign”, and the Bayan Ko. I thought he had stated that he didn’t want to use his mother, former president Cory Aquino, for his campaign. And what’s up with “Si Noynoy ang magtutuloy” battlecry by his supporters?

One more thing… Why did he have to announce it on a significant day of his mother’s death?

Anyway, his mother, the so-called icon of democracy, left us Filipinos with something good and if Noynoy is serious about following her footsteps and will be at it, it’ll be good for us Filipinos.

We’ll see to that…

This is the Knightingale continuing her watch…

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