Checkin’ my stats

We all do it. But I’m mostly into it to know how people find my way into my blog – yeah, mostly, I check on the referrer URL and check on them. Here are some I’ve found:

I’ve been seeing this referrer URL for quite some time now. I tried checking on it’s blog page and found out it says, “interactive blogging”. Ok, I get the system… Though, I have no time to read it all, so I still wonder why he called his site so…

Oh, here’s the content of the about page:

Alpha Inventions is an experiment to connect webmasters (bloggers) together faster.

Well, what do you know! The site said, “three ways to promote your blog”. And one of those is mentioning the site in your blog. Am I really into promoting my blog? No, not really. Given the content. No, thanks. But thanks anyway… And, yeah, I still did so cuz it’s what I wanted to do now. I ain’t going back on it…

Though, I still ain’t too certain how these sytems found my page… One thing, I get the search engines…


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