I’ve decided

This ain’t too awesome no more. These virus attacks can get through and I’m hatin’ it. Havin’ ’em in my system has never been awesome and I just did a really very stupid thing yesterday. I actually activated a worm which was staying silently in my external HDD…

So, after one almost sleepless night and some hours of thought and askin’ a few people…

I’ve decided to do a switch.

I’m some sort of a risk-taker anyway. So why not take it higher? Well, it’s just a matter of switching OS’s. I’m fed up with my Microsoft XP getting viruses once in a while a getting my data in danger. I’ve searched a few. On how to get through password protected windows and then switched keywords… I found this: Swapping Windows for Linux.

Right now I’m downloading EasyPeasy and it’s on 43.3%. Download’s rather fast cuz of the download accelerator.

I know I’ma have to download some apps – a lot actually. And get myself used with the OS but I’ma get through. Anyway, Windows XP was never built for Eee PC’s.

Right now, I’ma have to get some replacements. OSalt will always be there.

My iTunes! And the hits… And the playlists… I was loving iTunes 8 and its visuals…

Oh, and… This is when I can consider some Wine


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