On human-avian hybrids

As I was checking out my site stats today, I kinda found out that a lot of searches go for this topic. So, I did a li’l research…

Most of us, if not all, are wondering if it is possible to have these kinds of creatures. Various opinions from the web can be found on this topic. WikiAnswers.com has these. I, imho, have this to say:

My spiritual side tells me that it is not possible as such creatures wasn’t one of the things God created. But neither are we so sure of that. We can never say that we have a complete record of human history. We cannot erase the possibility that human-avian hybrids, they may have had a different name then if they have existed, existed before the time of man. Well, they will not be called human-avian hybrids if man hasn’t existed yet. As for referrence to the Bible, it does not usually enumerate every creature there is. Instead, the Bible just says, “every living being on the land”, “every bird that flies in the skies” or something like those.

On the scientific side, the first answer on wiki is rather curious.

No, the genetic make up of each species DNA are completely different so that it is not compatible for combination. Not to mention the obvious ethical and moral parameters that would be violated.

Though, I won’t really totally trust the items from WikiAnswers. Not to mention the typos…

I have once read an article on human-bovine hybrids. (Too bad I forgot to note the url. I wonder if there is a link somewhere in this blog.) They have stated that they were able to successfully make a living 32-cell human-bovine, that would be cows, hybrids. (I am actually wondering why they chose cows.) It is living in a sense that those cells are, literally, alive. But the thing is that the creature can not yet thrive.

The Flock has this, BTW.

To stay on topic…

So far, I haven’t found items or articles, scientific ones, that cater to these creatures. Most kinds of human-avian hybrids that I’ve found are on viruses. Viruses that infect humans, mostly on the avian flu research.

We’ll keep up…

53 thoughts on “On human-avian hybrids

  1. I believe that their is indeed a possibility that if a eleven year old genius can graduate college with a masters ddegree in molecular engineering at fourteen, than it is possible to form a new branch of Avian Hybrid DNA and make super humans and use them as mass weapons of destruction to eliminate all in front. but i say that if that becomes possible and people are willing to sell, or give or take or take and claim they are dead, babies to experiment on, that that is wrong. a example to all this is a wonderful book eries known as maximum ride. i believe the possibilites but i think they need to grow up in a family not in crates. i honestly doubt that people are cruel enough to put childeren in dog crates! But this is all coming from a fourteen year old that is only in 9th grade. thanks for letting me share my own opinion. Arigotou and oyasumi nasai.

    • It is possible for some humans who are cruel enough to keep people in dog crates.

      Or maybe, it’s just me who believes so.

    • You are wrong about the dog crates. and if you could have a living human-bovine hybrid why not a human-avian hybrid.

      P.S. I love Maximum Ride!!!

    • What? You believe that there is not a person who is cruel enough to put other people in dog crates? Is that what you mean?

      Well, I stick with what I stated above: “It is possible for some humans who are cruel enough to keep people in dog crates.”

      Mainly because, I’ve seen it.

      About the human-avian hybrids, maybe it is possible. I mean, impossible is only a mind set. Or so they say. But I could say that it’ll be rather difficult – the genetic make-up issue.

      One question, if one actual real scientist comes knocking on your door and asks for volunteers for human-avian experimentation, would you be willing to volunteer?

      Yeah, well, I love Maximum Ride too.

    • i completely agree with you, but then again there are people cruel enough to experiment on babies and keep children in dog crates. i’m doing a science project on the modifications human bodies would need to make to be able to accommodate the ability to actually fly as a final project.
      P.S. i LOVE the maximum ride books!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That sounds like quite an interesting project. Albeit, exceedingly ambitious. You don’t mean to actually try and experiment on flying as a final project, do you? I mean, you only intend to write a paper, don’t you?

      I love those books, too.

  2. According to the bible the earth is less than 1000 years old, and humans were alive when dinosaurs were(Jude 21) this is christian, catholic, lutheren and maybe mormon. On the 2nd or 3rd day god created animals, on the sixth day he created man thats only a 3 or 4 day difference and in the old testement it uses the word yom to mean 24 hrs and peicing together time through generations and also their was this indian reservation that on one of the stories on the walls showed man hunting a stegosores. In addition radio-carbon dating is not true because they tested mt st Helens which erupted 20-30 years ago and it dated to go back 500 years ago. Evolution is also not possible because “god created man in the image of man he created him” Genisis (in the adam and eve section). Human avian hybrids could exist because they have already cloned a sheep named Dolly, and the jurrassic park book it shows possible ways of bringing back dinosaurs and that inspired people to do what everyone thinks is impossible. It could be true although it could be kept top secret, and we wouldnt know about it. My sciene teacher believes they can do it, and she’s into science about as far as you can go. It is a fascinating idea and it would be cool if they could do it but you’ve got to think what would happen after that people could use people for wrong and that person wouldnt know.

    Megan (13)

    • Jurrasic Park? Not a fan but…

      About the Mt. St. Helens thing… Some people who are “science-only” say that that is a flaw of carbon dating. You can’t use it on recent stuff – that’s how they defend the method.

      I don’t know if you would believe that.

    • ….wait, people actually still believe that. The what you wrote thing, not the Gene splicing thing.

      With the information provided, it becomes obvious why purists burned others at the stake for being “witches” simply…because they believed it. I’d call you an ignorant person buuut you’d be too self inclined to believe the crap you do on the basis of faith to realize this fact, I’d say “lol” but your entire statement is so idiotic its actually not even funny.

    • Not trying to offend you, but I felt the need to comment on this. Mount Saint Helens did erupt. However, the rock and material is much older. It’s the same rock, dust, lava, etc. as before. When Mt. St. Helens erupted, it’s not like new matter was suddenly created out of thin air. The results from the carbon 14 dating are fairly accurate in representing the material’s age.

    • I don’t think she’ll take offense.

      That was actually very insightful. I guess, that becomes a huge hole in that argument.

      Although, I failed to tell her this before, the Bible doesn’t say that the earth is only 1000 years old. That’s too young. And, even adding the mentioned ages of the Biblical persons, you’d get a value much higher than just 1000.

    • That was pretty funny, what you said: “Evolution is also not possible because ‘god created man in the image of man he created him'” That would be like me trying to convince an adult that Santa is real by saying, “Oh ya, well then how did those presents get under the tree?”
      To be honest, I cant tell what side your on. It sounds like your making fun of the Bible, and then supporting it.

    • I can agree with that. You can’t tell someone, “There are presents under the tree so that means Santa is real.”

      I should tell you, though, as far as science has researched and discovered, evolution is still a theory and not a fact. A far-fetched theory, as it seems.

    • I understand and agree. I’m just making fun of the fact that this person isn’t exactly supporting their argument very well.

  3. holy cow! u guys are psychos! do u even kno what it’s like to be a human/avian hybrid or r u just looking for someone to make fun of/ i mean i’m a freaking human/avian hybrid and all i get is questions on how i got my wings. yes it was an expeiment. yes they hurt no i can’t fly yet, and no i don’t know who did this to me all i know is that they were whitecoats. geez people give me a break! check out my blog at thoughta .com for more info. my user name is prettygirl 411. i won’t be blogging new posts for a while but i will be cheking my comments. thank u 4 ur time! Bye! 😀

    • Right. Sorry about that. We didn’t mean to bully you. We are simply curious about hybrids. Don’t feel bad.

      Think about it, you are the talk of the town. Awesome, right? 😀

    • Hai!me and my sister beth are the same!our mother was told we both didnt make it and then we were taken to some place to be experimented on.do you have an ability?beth can move objects with her mind,like levitating,and i have the ability of blood control which is making living things move.we both escaped the place they took us too and brought along a few other experiments,like alice has fish DNA.normal people could call her a “mermaid”.its pretty much the same.then tristan is part dog and he looks normal but he has dog qualitys(we like throwing sticks for him,its
      awesome)then me,beth,gage,and tyler are part avian.gage reads minds(embarassing) and tyler can see through things(mega embarassing).we seem normal when you meet us but we arent though we go to normal school and live with familys whose children actually died and we replaced them.nice to know someone else like us!!!

  4. there as some insaine delusional crazy and moronic people in this world that dont care about a human or even geneticly engineered life like Max and her flock. these ppl are whats killing our planet and expirementing on children. Putting them in cages doing God knows what to them!! I’m trying to stop it but i’m going to need ALOT of help from people everywhere from L.A to China..contact me if your intrested in joining the fight cause the flock and me cant to it alone. It takes all of us.

    http://www.max-dan-wiz.com/profile/jessicaestrada379 or sara12131@hotmail.com 🙂 join the ride

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  6. do u really think there’s human-avian hybrids? how do u get the wingz man? We are so inta the flock too! kim clingeran,do u really have wingz?

  7. do u really think it’s possible to be a human-avian hybrid? How do ya get the wingz kim clingeran? Can u prove it? We r inta the flock too!

    • I don’t think “to be” would be quite possible. They are working on breeding hybrids but not how to graft other DNA on people. At least, that’s as much as I’ve read.

    • We read that there was this guy called Roland Ter Borcht doing stuff like that illegally but that was ages ago. We also read stuff about how it would be possible and something to do with stem cells. We’re pretty confused. Kim, you there? How do you get wingz?! Can you send us proof? Being a human avian hybrid would rock!

  8. It is possable i was readin somethin on a website bout hybrids and it said a scientist and his team are creating a chemical to attach wings to a human and make them work!!

  9. think 1920 up. think money. think menagerie. not all birds fly. some will do anything for
    money. carnies have been making chicken/cat and ostrich/human since 1800 till 1920
    feds stopped horrors in bottles. or unlucky in chains behind bars. humans have an alligator
    stage in fetus. so does an ostrich. for me it was bad teeth, superficial feathers,and could
    run fast. for my daughter it was puberty and a bloody mess where all her hair was. and bad teeth. we are lighter and stronger than you,but i still live with problems at 60 plus.
    Pensioned Army Sergeant Thomas Titus. tom.titus55@hotmail.com

  10. my thoughts are that it shoud not be done. if we recombinated our dna with avian dna the specimen would have to have avian wings and bones along with the vision and strength. only a crazy scientist whould try to recombine the dna. i read the series maximum ride. they offer much information even though they are fiction. avian-humans whould be painful and comfusing to the poor things. now to have a whole flock of recombineated things whould cause the media and countried to go crazy. it shoud not even be tryed

    • It has actually been tried. And they’re still trying. But, so far, the results are not anywhere near what we’ve read in Maximum Ride.

  11. Listen, in the Bible, it says that man was given dominion over all the creatures of the earth. It also says that men have souls (regardless of weather you’re a ginger). If you could create a human hybrid of any kind, then I won’t garuntee that it will have a soul, or if we (as “pure” men) would have dominion over that creature, because of the whole part human thing. That said, it might not be possible to even have a human hybrid existant. I mean, the DNA of a human’s might not mix well with another animal’s. I do think that with enough genetic engineering, it is possible. I’m not one of those snooty skeptics that think they know everything (actually I’m 14 and kind of a geek). And yes there are people who would lock children and adults both in dog crates. Like it or not. Face it folks. (Insert whatever Hitler joke here). Now, as to avian-human hybrids already existing, I give a big hearty laugh to your supreme joke. And if you’re not joking, by all means, GET ME SOME *beep* PROOF. Trust me, I wanna get out of this town as soon as I can. *sigh* Back on topic now. I love Maximum Ride too. Oh, and if you don’t know where to find me, you know, to contact me about human hybrids exsisting, then track the guy who owns the following law firm: Gosnell PC. Thanks.

    • Technically, the Bible doesn’t say that humans “have” souls but that humans “are” souls. The definition has been rather twisted over the years and what most people are familiar with isn’t Biblical.

      But, if we keep sticking with the Bible on this topic, human-avians just wouldn’t be a possibility because we’d have to create a new kind and the Bible says that creatures are to produce according to their kind.

      Of course, we could bend all laws. But current technology does not yet afford us that.

    • That’s what we’ve been talking about here.

      Did you read all of the series already?

      – J

  12. Jae, sorry to burst your bubble, but humans have souls, and aren’t souls in an of themselves. Jado is right. We have bodies ( which will be made new in the final coming), can you argue with that? The Bible also mentions our bodies and souls being two different things.
    That being said, we are only able to produce our own kind through reproduction, which is a very different topic. The Bible says nothing about making another spicies in a lab or something. I think it could be done through creativity and ingenuity. But you’re right that current technology doesn’t allow for the successful completion of the task.
    I now have an idea that doesn’t just include the avian part, but much more. If you’d like me to give it, then just say so.
    Look, I’d love to discuss this more, but this kind of communication simply doesn’t allow for that. Thanks for listening. And remember this: a good compromise makes everybody angry. Believe what you want, but consider carefully other’s views. Common sense is a superpower now.

    • Hate to disappoint but no bubbles burst here.

      The concept of the soul is essentially spiritual in nature. And everything I believe in spiritually are based on the Bible. At least, that’s what I strive to ascertain.

      Nowhere does it say that humans “have” a soul that is disembodied when a person dies and goes off somewhere. But you’re right, we have bodies which will be made new in the final coming. Now, if those bodies will be made new in the final coming, what will happen to those disembodied souls?

      [Feel free to quote from the Bible if you want to make your point more solid.]

      Of course, the spirit is a different matter altogether.

      “The Bible says nothing about making another spicies in a lab or something. I think it could be done through creativity and ingenuity.”

      So, which is it then? Which do you actually believe?

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