Snake attack!!!

Oh, well, that was last night. Too bad I wasn’t there to see it… Or is it?

Anyway, I arrived at our apartment last night welcomed by a questioned that said, “Did you see the snake?” I was like, “Uh, no…? When?”  The snake came around at about 9pm and that time I was busy online. They said it attacked one of the chickens owned by one of the occupants of the apartment unit next to ours. The chicken died. It was too late for it. According to one of the sorta witnesses here, the snake was some 8ft long. Kinda long… It was an I-don’t-know-what-kinda-snake-that-was.

I woke up this morning to some loud talking of the people here. It was still about the snake. They got it caught last night but they haven’t killed it. The good part was that they placed it in a sack. If they haven’t, maybe it has crawled into one of us…

Oh, they took a photo of it last night. Here:

The snake...

The snake...

Yeah, I know it’s a bit too dim. The camera ain’t too awesome. And the photo was taken during the night.

The more interesting part, and the reason that I want to have this posted is this:

And it got cooked!

And it got cooked!

Yeah, that. That is what has become of the snake when I arrived at our apartment this afternoon. Cooked and ready for chow! The thing is I’m one of the people who tried it! Crazy! I never really thought I can take it in but I’m kinda glad I did – in one sense. It tastes rather good! Well, it depends on how it was cooked – as always. The person who cooked the snake was the owner of the chicken that the snake killed. He knows how to cook. It was cooked with coco milk, soy sauce and other stuff to get it seasoned. Yum!

Well, here’s the funny part. While we were on it, one of my mates here talked about how it was last night. While most people will have been afraid, they actually had the guts to make fun of the poor creature – yeah, now I can add poor. They played with it! And it wasn’t dead yet – given the fact that it was still alive this morning! How did they play with it? They used it as a jump rope! I was like, Woah! Anyway, it’s now a “been there, done that”. I got to chow on some snake today. Oh, well, I can say, “I had snake for dinner tonight!”… … …


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