Ants and the realization of missing something

[The title somehow sounds serious to me]
Ants, yeah, those creepy li’l crawlies I often see just anywhere. In a sense, they sorta scare me. Ants scaring me?! Jeez, ‘doesn’t sound too awesome. Thing is, I sometimes find them creeping outta my rig. Like, from in between the keyboard, the vent, the ports, just anywhere. Now I can wonder how much damage they’ve done… Also, I’ve learned that I can’t let my rig off for one straight day.  Reason? The next time I open it, ants will be coming outta it. I mean more and of a sorta different breed. Like, those things were able to grow. Anyway, I’m still tryna look for someone who knows how to open gadget-thingies, clean ‘em, and get it back together like nothing has happened…

The one thing I’m missing? Java! Damn! The school year’s ‘bout to start and I haven’t done a single thing about Java. Not really that I haven’t done a single thing, I’ve got the resources I need… Just that I haven’t found some time for it. I’m kinda enjoying Python and my C++ going up higher. Then, I got introduced to this game making soft. The soft uses Lite-C for all the coding – one new language. It’s not entirely very new cuz it still is some sort of C but… I still gotta learn a few things before I can make one running program – even the simple one.

But I’m the kinda person who tries to look at the bright side on things – emphasis on “things.” The introduction I got for Lite-C is inclined to game making – it’s bundled with a game making soft anyway. That’s a good thing… So there…

I still am hoping I can start on my Java before the vacay’s over…

Oh! Almost missed this one… Perl! That is when I say I have even less resources. I only got the installer for Perl and haven’t even installed it an tried it out… Damn!

Learnin’ a language or two…

And… I even got myself to learn some Japanese…


I’m thinking of havin’ a change of theme but the thing is, there doesn’t seem to be any other black, 2-clumn theme that looks awesome, to me, or, at least, something tolerable…

On the blog title… I just felt like changing the name “oasis” cuz of the band…


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