Still havin’ an ish with the university infirmary

Yeah, that.

I went to the infirmary yesterday to check on the deadline, or something like it, for the medical examination of upper class students; some people were sayin’ it’ll only be till yesterday. I got there at ’bout 12:30pm which we all know is some sort of break time – I’m actually whacked that the infirmary has a lunch break. I mean, emergencies can happen anytime. Anyway, they told me that the freshmen ain’t gon get prioritized till Monday, May 4, 2009. So, I thought, “OK, That works for me.” They told me that they ain’t gon do medical check-up until 1:30pm so I left. I didn’t fell like getting back there cuz it’s too much of a trouble for me to go walkin’.

Today, I kinda went there – again. But it was already cut off time. ‘Went to my exam and waited. No exam. But, the good thing is I learned who the doctor-on-duty was. Apparently, there is no doctor on duty. Well, he’s, I ain’t gon use “she” even if “he” doesn’t seem to be too valid, a licensed one but I ain’t gon call him one. And that is good. That is, I don’t wanna see him. So… Lucky!


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