Stuff happens

And sometimes…

They can just make me say, “Damn! This sucks!”

Well, yeah, that. I almost went overboard. I can’t afford to lose my data – it ain’t too easy getting back 80GB of data, ya know…

Here goes…

I just went my merry way to the icafe – the usual. Plugged-in in my disk and tried to download… Suddenly there was this pop-up from the taskbar that said, “Not enough disk space available.” Or something like it. And I was like, “What in the…? And whatever happened to my 500MB?” Checked my disk and I was, “Crap! Whatever happened here?!”

*panic strikes*

“Chill, girl”

*tries to chill and finish internet stuff*

“I gotta get outta here… I need to check this on my rig.”

*gets outta cafe*

“This ain’t too awesome. Damn it!”

Anyway, it was good that I remembered the thing about that kinda virus. I was kinda able to chill a li’l. Yeah, it just hides yah folders and makes stupid exes. And, yeah… It made me panic for a while and a half… Things is, I still lost some components – it knows how to replace and overwrite; or something like it…


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