This is  one of those times when I can say that my blog makes some sense… I’ve, actually had this saved in my phone for quite a few now. The first time this go into me was during the previous elections…

Politics is now once again a real hot topic here in the Philippines – though, it’s not like it’s fire ever died down. It’s always been a hot one. But I’m thinkin’ it’s increased its being an issue these days since the 2010 Presidential Elections is about to come. I’ve heard that the start/end, whichever is correct, of the filing of candidacy is this November 2009 – which is soon. I’m betting that players are not hot on each other and already aching to choose their representatives.

But the thing is, there’s always been that talk of a charter change. They’re all saying that it is for the extention of the term of PGMA. Stories are like, they’re pushing it to the houses so that it’ll be approved before an election takes place. The people in the administration are not yet pondering on who to elect but on how to extend PGMA’s term – that’s according to the stations.

On the elections, I wonder how real it can get. It’s like the previous one was really very crazy. Vote buying too evident; with news of votes costing up to 1.5k Php each – and that’s just for the SK chairs. This time, I’ve been thinkin’ of this, I’m wonderin’ how much the votes are gonna cost – this s gonna be a national election. I’m thinkin’ bigger. Call it funny but this has crossed my mind. Maybe soon, instead of having a meeting de avance, however you spell it, we’re gonna have vote auctions. Where, whoever’s willing to sell their vote and the candidates will, literally, have an auction for those votes…

The Knightingale will keep watching…

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