It’s just something I remembered from, I think, two days ago. Well, I’m not really the emo-type but someone in here just had fun teasing someone emo when she actually ain’t one…

Talkin’ ’bout an emo motto: “Together we die, divided we live…” I can just laugh!

And when emo gets a new meaning it’s: “extremely melodramatic organism.” As for me… “extremely melodramatic one.”

Now, I’m actually wondering when you can call one an emo..


7 thoughts on “Emo-ness

  1. duh! tryna not to react but i gotta.. . . .
    so, it’s totally funny… … .huh?!!!
    and i sorta feel like toasted in this chair i’m sittin’ on…
    i ain’t emo
    though, i got a blog that can be tagged as one...
    i still can’t consider all the emo-ness….
    chief is and ine ain’t one…
    and GRRRRGRGRRRR!!!!!!!

    can i blame all the entries of that blog to someone

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