This one’s from the MMS’s saved at my phone.

CUL bus vs. van I’m riding


This one’s during one of my trips from the school back to my place. I usually sleep in the van, or whatever ride I’m in. I slept rather early during that ride and woke to “whoa! That’s a bus!”

Yeah, the ride was going pretty well until we came to that one-lane road. It’s on construction so one lane can’t be used. When I opened my eyes, I saw a bus in front of me. I was like, “Hey, what’s up!” Uhm, I was at the front seat beside the driver’s seat. Maybe I woke up due to the screech of the tires or something like it. Fortunately, the bus and our van didn’t really collide. It was good that our driver was careful ‘nuff not to be driving so fast in that area. It was a pretty sharp curve with the cliff to the right and the mountain to left. Our ride wasn’t really at fault. It was the bus’s driver. He wasn’t careful enough to give a signal that they were there and was going on a speed not really safe for the other vehicles he can encounter in that zigzagging unsafe area. Yeah, we were fortunate ‘nuff not to have major collision with a darned huge bus.


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