Online Shopping at its Finest

ShopWiki is a revolutionary for shopping site for all you online shoppers – just like me. It is a great online shopping site in a sense that it actively seeks out every store on the internet just like the way Google searches everything on the web. Other shopping sites will only show you stores that have paid for placement or for advertising. ShopWiki doesn’t do that. Instead, it will give a shopper everything whether they earn from it or not.

Here’s how the site works. When you click on it’s Health and Beauty link, it will send you to its Health and Beauty Buying Guide where you can find the categories for the items under Health and Beauty. What if you need some Personal Care items?! You’ll want to click on their Personal Care Guide. Some items are already listed so you don’t have to type in and search – you just have to click on ’em. When you search for an item, the site will search every online store there is and show you what they found.

Here‘s how they find Gatorade for you.

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