So what was that supposed to mean, huh?!?

So what was that supposed to mean, huh?!?

June 14, 2008

I rode a bus earlier on the way home. I thought it’ll be an oh-so-peaceful accident-free ride. Well, it was accident-free but it so wasn’t oh-so-peaceful.

Well, uhm, maybe there were only a few of us who noticed but it wasn’t good.

First, a stupid motorcycle driver tried to overtake a truck on the other lane and it was a freakin’ sharp turn – down the hill slopes. And, yeah, we almost crashed with that motorcycle.

Then, another stupid person, a minibus driver stopped to pick up some passengers. The thing is he didn’t think of moving to the safe side of the road where he can stop to pick up his passengers – we were on the same lane. And guess what? We were inches from bumping into that freakin’ minibus. If only the breaks weren’t as good, God knows what could’ve happened.

You might be wondering where I was seated. I was seated at the third set of seats from the front most. Omens. Whatever.

Good thing is nothing bad happened except I arrived home so weak feeling like I wanna do nothin’.


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