JERK! Total jerk!

[June 1, 2008]

JERK! Total jerk!

I don’t care if his waaaaaaay older than me but, really, he’s a total jerk! Scums of nature! I’ll be just too happy if I never see his face again!

I can live without a hateful a day. Thank you.

He’s a total mood-wrecker! I was here enjoying some songs in my laptop and there he comes so full of himself ruining my oh-so-good day! Jerk! If only he’s not a freakin’ costumer I wouldn’t have had to talk to him – again; he’s ruined my day once before. I’m just so unfortunate to be on duty in our store in time when he buys his grocery.

‘Cause he so full of air he scolded me told me not to be “stupid” even if I’m doing my job right. First time he came I wasn’t able to give his order a second plastic bag, and he scolded me for that. This time I was hurrying, but accurately doing my job, because he’s not the only costumer there is and I’m the only one on duty in our small store and again he scolded me for that telling my not to be in a hurry because he’s not! Jerk!

(Breath in, breath out…)

If only I’m not good enough to respect elders, I could have talked back at him. But no, I’m not as tough as that. Whatever.

Funny thing is I remembered what another person told me about him the first time he ruined my day,
“Just let him be so. He’s not got much time to live that’s why he’s got that attitude.”

Thank you.

June 15, 2008

That jerk came back to our store. Same drill. He sucks! Total jerk! With a capital letters J-E-R-K!



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