Future computers — any shape and foldable

KINGSTON, Ontario (UPI) — Canadian scientists are predicting future computers will be able to change shape, respond to touch and fold into your pocket.

Queen’s University computing Professor Roel Vertegaal said not only will computers of the future be able to assume flexible forms, but they’ll respond to our direct touch and even change their own shape to better accommodate data, for example folding like a piece of paper to be tucked into our pockets.

“What we’re talking about here is nothing short of a revolution for human-computer interaction,” said Vertegaal. “We want to reduce the computer’s stranglehold on cognitive processing by embedding it and making it work more and more like the natural environment.

“It is too much of a technological device now, and we haven’t had the technology to truly integrate a high-resolution display in artifacts that have organic shapes: curved, flexible and textile …,” he added.

The concept behind the next-generation computers is reported in the June issue of the Association of Computer Machinery’s journal Communications of ACM.

Copyright 2008 by United Press International

from Arcamax Science and Technology e-zine, 06-07-2008


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