On human-whatever-species-else hybrids

I’m kinda curious about this concept and got more into it after reading James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.

People, uhm, scientists from Britain managed to prove that hybrid species is a possibility. They were able to create a 32-celled human-bovine embryo and are working to improve it. To the scientists, would-be scientists, wannabe scientists, this:

“Can the evince of both species features be manipulated?”

I mean, like in Maximum Ride, the human-avian hybrids were perfect in a sense that only the “wanted” features manifested. They didn’t look like ugly mistakes of genetic engineering. I mean, can genetic engineering really reach that? Some recombinant life forms mentioned in Maximum Ride didn’t look so ugly – as defined. The director of ITEX, a human-galapagos tortoise hybrid, was perfect in a sense that it didn’t have tortoise-like body or something.

I guess, without much manipulation of the embryo, those recombinant life-forms would have looked hideous. They could have had bird feet, feathers all over their bodies, beaks, shells and whatever else unsightly. They would have looked like… mistakes; like some other recombinants mentioned.

Now that’s what makes me wonder. And I want answers, explanations, or something.

Can genetic engineering really do that?

10 thoughts on “On human-whatever-species-else hybrids

  1. And what about a random mutation that leads to a new species of human? If it happened, would the new homo-whateveris be noticed immediately? Or would he/she/it even want to be noticed?

  2. i dunno but oh the things i’d give to have wings and fly like max and the flock! last week i had an awsome dream about flying (ironicl enough cause i was runnig from itex XD) and it felt AWSOME!. if you get any answers on sucesses let me now ppl.

  3. We are in the prosses of createing the perfect human-avian hybrid, we have made many mistakes such as the ones you have mentioned, but we have a successful avian-human hybrid living here willing to do our tests. He can fly but not very long distances, he does not have super strength like in the book you have reffered to, but he does have eagle-like vision and his wings can be hidden inside his clotheing but not perfectly, if someone touched his back they would know, i will keep you posted on the progression of this project. if any questions are needed, e-mail me at irish_guy75@yahoo.com

    • That would be so awesome to fly. I love the maximum ride books. Me and my friend hope to be like them.

    • Dude are you serious? This sounds like a scam. If you were a real scientist, you wouldn’t go blabbing about this on the internet. And unless you’ve brainwashed that person, if your “science” lab is anything like in Maximum Ride, no one would be willing to do those sorts of tests. And if this is true, post a picture of the experiment. I just have to know if this is real. Thanks.

    • Chill.

      I felt just about the same. I even tried to send a mail to that address he gave but… Nothing. Just as I expected.

      Though, as I’ve stated in the post above, there are REAL scientists who have been trying to create hybrids. But a 32-celled creature is nowhere near complete.

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