Virtual reality rocks your, OUR, world

Admit it, it does.

The best example I can give is Fang’s blog. People, us, you, me post messages to the flock like they’re real people and we talk to the like they really do exist – yeah, we; which includes me ’cause I am a big, big, fan of Maximum Ride and I, myself, have a few posts at Fly On!. And the fact that a lot of kids and teens “talk” to these guys, which we all know, don’t really exist, tells us that virtual reality is already a part of our lives, rocks our world and can never be erased.

But, hey, I’m not being a freakin’ KJ here. This should not be a bummer to you guys. I love it, too. It’s just that, this virtual reality is fun and this is what I can say about it: it rocks!

As Fang always says,

Fly on!

P.S. Well, maybe they really do exist. So long as we believe they do, they will…


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