I am so happy… ecstatic maybe!!!

I was finally able to play my all-time favorite online game ROSE Online… (that was yesterday…)


It just rocks!!!ROSE Online forever!!!

thanks AruaROSE…!!!

I’ve just started but I’m gonna continue playing and make my character stronger and better…

It really was very sad when pROSE had to shut down but…

ROSE Online, I’m back! I am so back!

3 thoughts on “I am so happy… ecstatic maybe!!!

  1. yo dude!!

    good 4 me..i know how it feels seriously ^^ i only got to play rose like 2 weeks ago…i couldnt play b4 cuz supid PC wouldnt let me..now it works ^^

    well good luck to u…

    see ya XD

    • “Dude” to mean “guy” as in “male”?
      No, I ain’t…

      But thanks for feeling me. ^_^

      GL to ya too!

      Are we on the same server?

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