Maximum Ride manga… cool!


This post told me that a new Maximum Ride book in manga is coming out! And Max looks cool on the cover…

Check this out!


Ain’t it just awesome?

Cool, cool…


9 thoughts on “Maximum Ride manga… cool!

  1. Sweetness! I saw the pictures on Fang’s blog of what all the characters are going to lookk like. Fang looks sweet!

  2. MAX IS WICKED! It’s my favorite book series next to Twilight! Oh my gosh, I think Max and Fang are like the cutest couple in the world!

  3. I’ll be reading it as soon as I find it… mostly because I keep missing issues of Yen Plus… -.-‘
    also because I started the origional Maximum Ride from the second book, so yeah. All Heil Narae.

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